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My open letter to any DWM supporters.






You fucking did it. You harassed, bullied, and oppressed a law-abiding, good-willed person because you didn’t like what they like. Good job.

if you turn your version of a childrens show character into a rapist, and solely make the character that way just to make rape jokes, i don’t think you’re the textbook definition of a good-willed person

(This is an open letter to anyone who has supported DWM. Prepare for a lot of venting and ranting, because this has been making me sick to the stomach like you couldn’t imagine).

You guys really had to go and push this shit as far is you could, didn’t you? Do you legitimately think that the blog was created to promote or exploit rape as a joke? For God’s sake, on the side of the blog, it said NOT TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Just because someone’s humor didn’t ring with you doesn’t mean that you have to harass him. You make yourself much worse than any sort of rapist you think he’s cheering on.

Artists have EVERY DAMN RIGHT to do what they want (within a limit of harassing a specific person over the internet, good job by the way assholes), and here you come in hoping on the righteousness bandwagon. Really, you can’t just avoid this ONE place of the internet and go on through the day pretending it doesn’t exist? This section of the internet exists, and you can’t get rid of it. The same goes for ponies, furries, porn, gore, and everything else that some one person has a quarrel with. This is the internet, and expecting something safe and specific to your tastes is the most ignorant thing someone can expect from such an environment. If you don’t want a part of it, just stay the hell away from it. It was always that simple.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, this isn’t Celestia. It’s MOLESTIA. This is an entirely different character. She isn’t being turned into a rapist, because Molestia isn’t the same Celestia in the tv show. If you want to talk about a tumblr blogger transforming a character, just check out FluttershyReplies. The mod voiced their opinion through Fluttershy. NOONE has an issue with that? Might as well give your stamp of approval to a blog whose mod voices their atheist beliefs through Twilight Sparkle.

However, I think the number one thing I hate about this DWM bullshit is that every supporter tried to make you sympathize with every rape victim in the world. How in the hell dare you speak on behalf of every single victim? What makes you so entitled to speak for an entire mass? Did they have an election and make you the ambassador of rape victims? No? Then SHUT THE HELL UP. You may think you have good intentions, but in the end, you are trying to make someone feel like shit just because you disagree with their sense of humor. I don’t want to hear anyone preaching “Oh, but it isn’t funny. In fact it is very traumatic.” I KNOW THAT. Again though, don’t speak for every single person as if this blog was personally assaulting you or anyone else in the world, because I’m pretty sure they weren’t.

I am not a follower of the blog, but I have seen a few posts, so there is absolutely no bias on any of what I’m saying. I’m not Pro Molestia nor DWM, but I agree with Voltaire. “I don’t agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death for your right to say it.” Johnjoseco had every right to do what he did. It’s called Artistic License, and he, along with everyone else in the web, is allowed to draw anything they want (so long as it isn’t harassing one specific victim). Does this mean you are allowed to not like this? Of course you are! Does this mean you should bash on someone because of that? Hell no you aren’t! That makes you just as bad as any anti-brony or cyber-bully.

To anyone who has supported DWM, I really hope you’re happy. You have put yourself WAY below this person because you rallied all over the internet so you can glorify your cyber-harassment. You made a real person feel like he was an enemy because you stuck your nose in something he didn’t shove to you. You made someone feel like shit because he was drawing what he wanted to. You tried to voice millions of victims under the guise of being a sympathizer, but you may have insulted many of these victims you are preaching on behalf of, making them look like they are weak crybabies who can’t handle a post that isn’t even directed to them.

This disgusting movement is probably the worst side of the fandom. The DWM supporters are much worse than any anti-brony assault, because most of these supporters are bronies. JJ was giving back to the community, and just because you didn’t like it, you come at him with pitchforks and insults

Not ONE of you assholes can justify ANYTHING you have done. Tell me how you can justify making someone feel like shit. Tell me how you can justify speaking on behalf of multiple victims as if you are a knight in shining armor. Tell me how you can still attack him when the blog is down. Tell me how you think you were being the good guys for teaming up on a single person who was generously giving back to the community. I fucking dare you, try to come across as the good guy. Make my fucking day.

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